How to "Tie One On"

Our simplistic rectangular design allows you to adjust the length of your sarong and wear it in a variety of ways 
Be creative & unique by developing your own style with a My Tie Sarong!
Add a splash of color to your wardrobe or change the look of an outfit by wrapping a sarong around your waist.  They are flattering for all body types and fit all body types.
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Not just for swimwear, tie a My Tie Sarong around a simple tank dress to create a new look!
Fold a Sarong & tie it into a bandeau top!
Tie the Sarong in the front or on the side!
This look of a Sarong over a simple tank dress is TRES CHIC on your vacation!
Tie Sarong in the back!
Wear a Sarong with a top and spandex shorts.
Shorten a Sarong!
Knot tie into a "Rosette" for a new look!
Adjust Sarong length by simply folding to desired length before tying.
Fold a Long Sarong into a Short Sarong (2 looks for the price of 1!)

Ideas on "How to Tie"
1) Wrap the sarong around your body (waist, hips, chest, etc.)
2) Grab the top 2 corners of your Sarong. Create a "tie" by pulling the loose ends through your fisted hands.
3) Make a Square Knot or "Granny Knot": Tie and pull the ends Vertically (up & down), then knot the tie and pull the ends Horizontally (side to side), knot again to secure.
4) Fluff out the tie to make sure that the right side of the fabric shows and the knot looks good.
5) Tie in the front, side, or back for 3 different looks.                   

Now you’re Stylin’!

To make a "rosette" knot: After tying, wrap each end tightly around knot and secure ends by tucking them into underside of knot.

How to Adjust Lengths
The luxurious & lightweight fabric of your My Tie Sarong will allow you to adjust the length for a variety of looks without adding bulk.

Short & Long Sarongs: Before tying, fold your sarong down (from top) to the desired length then tie.

Be Shorter & Sassy or Longer & Sophisticated!

Long Sarongs: To Make a Short Sarong: Before tying, fold your sarong in half (top to bottom) then tie.

Ideas on How to Wear

To wear your Sarong as a Skirt:
1) After tying, pin gap closed on the inside with a few safety pins to secure. Wear with a halter top, tank top, t-shirt, or bodysuit.
2) Wear your sarong over Lycra (stretchy) shorts or leotard tights and leave the gap open for a sleek & stylish look!
3) Wear your sarong over a simple plain tank dress to create a beautiful new look. This look is TRES CHIC on your tropical vacation!

To wear your Sarong as a Dress or Top: Wrap sarong above chest and tie. You can wear this style with gap open over swimwear or pin on inside with a few safety pins to secure. To shorten into a Top: simply adjust length by folding down before tying.
To Make a Bandeau Top: Fold your short sarong into a 5"- 7" strip (widthwise) wrap around chest and tie in front or back. Knot and tuck loose ties under bandeau.

To wear your Sarong as a Headband or Hatband: Fold your sarong into a 2"-3" strip (widthwise) wrap around a hat or head and knot ends.

To wear your Sarong as a Scarf or Shawl: Drape over shoulders/neck & go!
To display your Sarong as a Wall Hanging or Tablecloth: Just hang on wall or drape over a table!
Use your sarong as a beach throw: Spread your sarong open on the sand and Presto! Create your own unique look with a Sarong! 

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